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Lighting Up the Night -- Safely
By Marisa Finetti

As though this city doesnít have enough lights, Las Vegas seems to top each year with more sparkle and more twinkle, especially around the holidays. Hotels and casinos on the Strip are illuminated with millions of tree lights, both indoor and out. Homes in the valley compete for the most dazzling displays. The spirit of the season is truly enjoyed by all.

Although a dazzling holiday display is the goal, First Choice Tree Care focuses on safety first. Photo courtesy: First Choice Tree Care.

Christmas tree lights however, didnít become popular until the mid-20th century, due mostly to electricity. Up until then, Christmas trees were lit by miniature candles.

It was in 1896 when Grover Cleveland commissioned a White House tree lighted with Edison bulbs. Since then, tree lighting has become quite an art. And, while there are outfits that put up holiday lights around town, the company that specializes in commercial tree lighting is First Choice Tree Service. [Continued]

Professional of the Year: Rose Epperson
By Helen M. Stone

One of Rose Epperson's first and fondest memories is of the fig trees that grew in her Southern California backyard. "They made great climbing trees and we got a bonus of eating the sweet fruit," she recalls. "I remember when we would pick the figs, the stem would have a milky residue. We all thought that was magic!"

Rose Epperson shares her passion for arboriculture at every opportunity, even personally manning the booth at Desert Green. Photo courtesy: Helen M. Stone.

The magic of trees cast its spell over the little girl and has held her enthralled throughout adulthood as well. As executive director of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (WCISA) since 2005, Epperson has done her best to share the magic with arborists, tree workers and the general public.

" As a young girl I always wanted to be a teacher. I would spend hours in my imaginary classroom creating lesson plans and taking attendance," Epperson says. "Now I really do get to be a teacher of sort -- just not in the traditional sense." [Continued]

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